Release 12.0

The ECLASS Release 12.0 is an enhancement and modification of Release 11.1 and contains in comparison:

The content has been extensively expanded, particularly in the following segments:

  • Revision of 9x classes
    • Clearing up of fuzzy 9x classes, e.g. 90 "Other".
  • 27 "Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering"
    • Ongoing content development and structuring of existing content. Especially 27-27 has been completely revised and 27-17 has been newly created.
  • 34 "Medical Device"
    • Enhancement of classes, properties, keywords and values e.g. in 34-32 (Implant) and 34-54 (Therapy device) as well as enhancement of basic properties.
  • 36 "Machine, apparatus"
    • Enhancement of properties and values in 36-41 (Pump).
  • 48 "Sport, playing, leisure"
    • Establishment and restructuring of the class structure.
  • 51 "Fluid power"
    • Ongoing content development and introduction of important ISO properties.

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