Release 13.0

The ECLASS Release 13.0 comprises in comparison to Release 12.0

The content has been extensively expanded, particularly in the following segments:

  • Segment 27-26 "Component (electronic)"
    • Ongoing harmonization project with JEITA ECALS from Japan: after building the classification structure for ECLASS 12.0, the focus for ECLASS 13.0 was on the properties.
  • Segment 51 "Fluid power"
    • Digitalization project together with VDMA, creation of 13 aspects for description and as partial models.
  • Segment 35 "Semifinished product" 
    • New main groups 35-12 "Semi-finished product (brass)" and 35-13 " Semi-finished product (stainless steel)" with new classes, properties, aspects etc. 
  • Segment 27 "Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering"
    • Ongoing content development and creation of the new main groups 27-25 "Terminal block systems and system components" and 27-19 "Empty enclosure".
  • Product Enviromental Footprint
    • Initial structure and properties to depict the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) were created. The focus was on the representation of the Product and Transport Carbon Footprint (PCF and TCF), which were assigned as aspects to all classes of all segments. 
  • Usage information
    • New aspect for improved presentation of usage information, based on VDI 2770 and IEC/IEEE 82079-1. This aspect, which initially exists only for some segments, is intended to help improve the presentation of information such as certificates.
  • New translations in Polish and Finnish 
    • A total of approx. 15,800 Finnish class translations as well as 6,200 Polish class translations were added.