Release 8.0

The ECLASS Release 8.0 is an enhancement and modification of Release 7.1 and contains in comparison:

  • approx. 320 new classes
  • numerous re-structured classes (240 moves, 230 joins, 160 splits)
  • approx. 6,000 edited classes by re-naming all 90-classes from "unclassified" to "unspecified"
  • approx. 500 new properties
  • more than 100,000 new class-property-relations (BASIC and ADVANCED)
  • approx. 370 new values
  • approx. 70 new value lists
  • 900 new relations of values to value lists
  • 300 constraints (limitation of values in a value lists in the context of a class)
  • approx. 130 new keywords
    • 32,000 new ADVANCED application classes for all ECLASS classes
    • incl. Assignments of the aspects Commercial, Identification, Information and – where necessary - REACH, RoHS, Battery designation, WEEE
    • incl. the mapping of all BASIC properties to ADVANCED properties
    • 75 new property blocks
    • > 500 new relations of properties to blocks

These changes of the content are based on the following measures

  • Re-structuring of adhesives from segment 24 to segment 23
  • Re-structuring of the 90/91/92-classes ascording to the new concept as a pilot in segment 32 (complete re-structuring of the ECLASS classification system is planned for 9.0)
  • New content and re-structuring in segment 34 in the areas of desinfection, implants, ostomy care and above all medical clothing and gloves from segment 40
  • Requests for the finalization of the harmonization with the classification system PROLIST as preparation for the organizational merge (the PROLIST association will merge into the ECLASS association)
  • Requests by the expert group on CAx
  • Product description of the classes in segment 29 in the area of small and large household appliances
  • Correction of the properties concerning the topics REAH, RoHS, Battery designation and WEEE (removal of the properties from the basic sets of properties lists and assignment to only relevant classes)
  • Correction of invalid descriptive codes (CodedNames) and re-naming of the 90-classes to "unspecified" incl. a generic definition
  • Correction of class duplicates
  • Correction of mismatches between units and related DIN quantities of a property
  • Introduction of value lists (No change in the BASIC version)
  • Changes in ADVANCED:
  • Values were moved from the templates into the dictionary and therein assigned to value lists
  • Open value lists: ECLASS interpretes its value lists as open, i.e. as suggestions that cannot guarantee exhaustiveness. As the ISO defines value lists as restrictive and exclusive, i.e. only those values of a value list are valid for a property and no others, ECLASS had to change its structure to be ISO-compliant. Therefore ECLASS distinguishes now between restrictive value lists (in the ISO-sense) that include on the one side only BOOLEAN property-value-relations and values creating a polymorphism and on the other side suggested lists (proposed "open" lists that are neither exclusive nor exhaustive and only in the context of a class).
  • Introduction of constraints: with release 8.0 ECLASS introduces constraints, i.e. the limitation of a set of values of a property in the context of a class.

E.g. a property "colour" might have the value list [red;yellow;green]. For a class "traffic light" all colours are valid, but for class "pedestrian traffic light" only [red;green] might be valid, i.e. a constraint is created for the value "yellow".

  • Therefore all values (except restricted values, see 3.1.5) are to be seen in the context of a class


Known Bugs