Release 10.0.1

The ECLASS Release 10.0.1 is an enhancement and modification of Release 9.1.

Because of several content-related inconsistencies of the BASIC CSV files in DE and EN, ECLASS-Release 10.0 has been extended by a ServicePack. At that time, the BASIC XML and ADVANCED XML have not been released yet. The ServicePack 10.0.1 replaces ECLASS-Release 10.0 completely. The files of Release 10.0 are no longer available.

The implemented corrections have only affected the following areas:

  • segments 27, 29 and 34
  • the ECLASS property data

Users who have already downloaded the BASIC CSV file of Release 10.0 in German and/ or English and who just use classes and/ or make no use of segments 27, 29 and 34 do not need the ServicePack.

A description of the implemented corrections is listed below:

  • adjustment of wrongly assigned or not assigned keywords (SG 34)
  • correction of the import routine at the "values_constraints" level and adjustment on those values which have been withdrawn incorrectly in this context (SG 27)
  • adjustment of incorrectly renamed properties (SG 29)
  • adjustment of property duplicates

Release 10.0.1 comprises in comparison to Release 9.1:

  • 6 new segments
    • Segment 45: Human and veterinary drugs, pesticides as well as cosmetic substances
    • Segment 46: Clothing and textiles
    • Segment 47: Body care and personal hygiene
    • Segment 48: Sport, playing, leisure
    • Segment 49: Military technology
    • Segment 50: Interior furnishing
  • ca. 2,000 new classes
  • ca. 1,300 new properties
  • ca. 100 new blocks
  • ca. 200 new keywords
  • ca. 1,600 new values
  • more than 76,000 new class-property-relations

These changes of the content are based on the following measures:

  • Harmonization-activities between VGB material classes and segments in ECLASS 10.0.1
  • Harmonization ECLASS-PI, SG 29: Sequel of harmonization-activities between PI-Standard and ECLASS for household
  • PROLIST Integration, SG 27, 36, 37: Finalization of PROLIST 3.2 integration in ECLASS 9.0
  • ETIM Mapping, SG 27: Sequel of harmonization between ETIM and ECLASS and finalization of mapping
  • Harmonization ECLASS-proficl@ss, SG 21: Expansion of the class structure in ECLASS
  • Correction of 9x Classes: ECLASS-wide correction of 9x classes according to decision by expert group leaders
  • "Commercial properties": Harmonization of commercial properties in ECLASS Basic and Advanced according to decision by expert group leaders
  • Expansion of Spanish and Italian translations
  • Creation and update of definitions of properties

IMPORTANT NOTE: Removal of field length and format of properties and suggestion of usage in other systems

For the elements of the field length and the format there are different specifications existing through transfer formats or systems into which ECLASS is imported. Also the respective data of the properties in ECLASS is incomplete and redundant.

A detailed analysis of the necessity of the elements for field lengths and format, resulted in the decision, that from ECLASS Release 10.0.1 on the respective elements will not be provided any more. Following columns are removed and no longer available, either for Import (CR Import File – sheet properties) or for Export (BASIC CSV – File eClassA_B_PR_de): - digits before comma - digits after comma - number of characters

For systems which consider these values as mandatory (e.g. SAP) we recommend to set them as standard according to the following table:

  digits before comma digits after comma no. of char
Integer_Count 1-16    
Integer_Measure 1-16    
Real_Count 0-5 1-5  
Real_Measure 0-12 1-9  
String     1-1024
String_Translatable     1-512

For detailed information about the conducted analysis please view the following document: ECLASS - Analysis of the field lengths


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