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There is always a possibility that certain errors have not been corrected properly during the Release Process. In that case, a so called ServicePack can be created for this Release.

An ECLASS ServicePack is a release type that corrects a previously released language version by exclusively allowing textual changes in a specific language version that:

  • exclusively comprise the removal of potential errors that do not affect the content, therefore generally the correction of clerical errors and translations. For an overview please have a look at the list of valid change requests per release.
  • are designed for short-term use to correct major errors in a specific language version and are therefore language specific
  • are not integrated into the release roadmap and can therefore be published on demand if needed for a specific language version
  • are downwards- and upwards-compatible to the previous MinorRelease as well as to every MinorRelease within the same MajorRelease Number (e.g. all 9.x releases with each other, all 10.x releases with each other etc.) as they comprise only textual changes
  • can automatically be integrated into a system as an upgrade of the previous version as only revision changes of existing structural elements are made
  • are coded with 5the help of a MajorRelease Number, a MinorRelease Number, a ServicePack Number and a language and country code (n.n.X, e.g. 6.2.1 ZH_cn - the ServicePack 1 of the ECLASS MinorRelease 6.2 in Chinese simple).


Before Release 6.0.1 ServicePacks included additions as well (new classes at levels 2 to 4, new keywords, properties and values) and were very similar to a MinorRelease.

ECLASS ServicePacks

In ECLASS, the following ServicePacks exist:

ServicePack Number Release date Language version No. of contained classes No. of contained properties No. of contained values
5.1.1 2005-09-07 Information available in the ECLASS Shop 27.216 6.941 4.546
5.1.2 2006-07-12 Information available in the ECLASS Shop 27.442 6.964 4.712
5.1.3 2006-10-26 Information available in the ECLASS Shop 30.280 6.967 4.712
5.1.4 2007-07-01 Information available in the ECLASS Shop 30.329 7.136 4.720
6.0 (replaced by 6.0.1) 2008-04-30 Information available in the ECLASS Shop 32.592 8.653 6.811
10.0 (replaced by 10.0.1) 2017-02-03 Information available in the ECLASS Shop 41.647 17.342 15.728

Note 1:

Starting with Release 6.0.1, a ServicePack definition differs from before 6.0.1, please see above.


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