Import sheet

ECLASS EXCEL Template for CR Import – Documentation


This is the documentation for ECLASS expert groups to fill out an EXCEL based import template that is used for the import of bulk requests into the ECLASS ContentDevelopmentPlatform (CDP). The possibility to import bulk requests is only available in accordance with the ECLASS Head Office. The possibility is only available for basic content that is exportable into the *.csv format.

Explanation of the terms

  • All tables of the EXCEL-Sheet will be marked in brackets, e.g. table <classes>.
  • All elements (e.g. class, property, keyword, value) will be marked bold.
  • All attributes of an element (e.g. attribute preferred name of the element property) will be referred to in Italics


CC Classification class (or short: class)
BL Block
KW Keyword (for CC)
PR Property
VA Value
VL Valuelist
CR Change Request
BML “Basismerkmalleiste” (DE), basic property list
AS Aspect
SY Synonym (for PR)
CO Constraint (the limitation for a value list or a property in the context of a class)
CDP ECLASS ContentDevelopmentPlatform (formerly known as ServicePortal)


General Rules

Language: All requests have to be written in English as well as in the national language of the proposer.