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Change Request Import Sheet – Documentation

General Overview

This is the documentation for ECLASS expert groups to fill out a Change Request Import Sheet that is used for the import of bulk requests into the ECLASS ContentDevelopmentPlatform. The possibility to import bulk requests is only available in accordance with the ECLASS Head Office. 

Obtaining the CR Import Sheet

The CR Import Sheet is sent to users on demand. They can fill in the CRs and send it back to the Head Office (considering the deadlines). The Head Office can upload the CR Import Sheet in the mode "check only". Afterwards the user gets the report of the CRs. In case of errors in the report, the user must correct them. As soon as all errors are corrected, the ECLASS Head Office can upload the CR import sheet, so that all CRs are available in the status "NEW". 


All requests have to be written in English. 

Mandatory Fields

Certain fields are always "mandatory", no matter which CR type is entered:

  • Preferred name
  • Reason for request: It is important to specify exactly what the reason for the CR is.
  • CR proposer: Note that here the CDP user name must be entered and not first and last name.

Referencing CR IDs

Referencing to CR IDs is possible depending on the selected Change Request (CR).

In the columns for specifying identifiers, a differentiation is made between

  • "...non-existing"
    Either the internal Import sheet Identifier or an existing CR ID in the CDP must be entered here.
  • "...existing"
    An existing item code in the CDP (e.g. AAA123) must be entered here.

PLEASE NOTE: When sending CRs to the ECLASS Head Office you automatically agree with the ECLASS Terms of Use.


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